Modern Video

Our post-production services elevate the quality of your video.

Specialising in short form video, we offer colour correction, motion graphics, audio fixing and other post-production wizardry.  Whether you have the footage and the vision, or need help with strategy and filming - set up a free consult with us.

Industry leading software

Colour grading & Audio post

Focused on the End Product

From limited to masses of footage, we are able to sync, sub clip and group shots to create a narrative that will connect with your audience.

Come out of the midtones and use the full spectrum of colour and light in your images and videos.  We can also correct distortion and tidy up in-frame elements. 

Motion graphics are essential in modern videos.  We make animated logos, event opening videos, instructional videos and much more using motion graphics and animation.

Our small green screen studio can place your host wherever they can't be. Great for intros and special explainers.

North Sydney

An audio and video production agency based in North Sydney and covering the greater Sydney region.  

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